Thursday, July 14, 2016

TV Series I've Watched Through

I watch a lot of TV and I thought I'd share what series I have watched through and through, from the beginning to the end. I only list series that have ended permanently, I'll do another post listing the series I watch that are still continuing. Some of these I have watched many times and will watch again in the future. I use the TV Show Time app to keep up with my watch list and I can recommend that to anyone who watches as much TV as I do. Without further ado, here are the series I have gone through:

  • Tudors (Jonathan Rhys Davies is a great actor but as a whole the show didn't amaze me)
  • 11.22.63 (the ending was beautiful and bittersweet)
  • Cold Case (one of the first series I actively followed)
  • Breaking Bad (this is so guy show that I can't stand it)
  • Desperate Housewives (the humor was on point)
  • ER (my record for a rewatch round is 3 months)
  • Firefly (I'm mad about this)
  • Glee (some of the greatest covers I've heard)
  • Gossip Girl (it just got better and better every season)
  • H2O (because mermaids)
  • Helppo elämä (Easy Living, a quality Finnish drama)
  • How I Met Your Mother (the last season was completely unnecessary and the ending ruined it)
  • Hustle (their cons were very entertaining)
  • Los Serranos (oh those summers spent with Serranos)
  • Lost (to be honest I was lost at some point)
  • Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (Alice and Knave made great partners)
  • Prison Break (though they are now making more)
  • BBC Robin Hood (it could have been saved but the third season went the wrong direction)
  • Sex and the City (not my favorite but had to watch once through)
  • Ex List (the idea was kind of fun)
  • Good Wife (kept you on your toes)
  • the Mentalist (at least first four seasons were awesome and the rest weren't that bad either)
  • the O.C. (this will forever stay with me in my heart)
  • the Office (U.S.) (I hated Michael Scott and liked the last season 100% more when he left)
  • Under the Dome (the ending saved a lot)
  • Revenge (had they thought this through?)
  • Friends (they'll be there for me whenever I feel like it)
  • Revolution (we'll see if they ever continue it)

At some point I will make my top5 favorite series of all time! I also thought I'd make a post where I talk about a few series presenting them and saying what I liked or didn't like about them. I don't think making a whole review of these is a good idea since some of them have ended so long ago, but something will come up at some point!

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