Thursday, July 21, 2016

TV Series I'm Caught Up On

Last week I made a post about TV Series I've Watched Through meaning series that have already ended. Now I thought to continue with the series I'm caught up on meaning series that are still airing new episodes. Some of these are my favorites, some I watch just for fun.

  • Once Upon a Time (it's sad to watch how the writers destroy something so amazing)
  • Suits (every episode should be Donna-episode)
  • 2 Broke Girls (it grows on you)
  • Arrow (Felicity rocks)
  • Black Sails (I was hoping for another Pirates of the Caribbean but at least it's about pirates)
  • Mustat lesket (Black Widows, the best Finnish drama right now)
  • The Bridge (how many people will be murdered in the next season?)
  • Deutschland 83 (sometimes even Germans get it right)
  • The Walking Dead (I used to get severe nightmares)
  • Fear the Walking Dead (I may like this even more than the original)
  • Follow the Money (why so dark all the time, Nordics?)
  • Game of Thrones (still not over about the fact that they passed the books)
  • Occupied (I love that the Nordic countries are making quality TV)
  • Mr Robot (raising an interesting issue but I'm not that enchanted)
  • Orange is the New Black (two days in June, and then I have wait another year)
  • Survivor (the greatest reality there is)
  • Amazing Race (me and my mom would blow those yankees out of the water)
  • Syke (Nurses, another great Finnish series)
  • The Big Bang Theory (can't believe it's been airing for ten years)
  • The Flash (Arrow's little lighter brother)
  • Man in the High Castle (holy cow the first season was awesome)
  • True Detective (I actually liked season 2)

When new seasons air I might do reviews of some of these like I did about season 4 of OITNB. I can't wait for the fall when all the series come back from the summer hiatus.

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