Friday, May 27, 2016

My Favorite Disney Movies

I grew up in the 90s which is described as the Disney Renaissance and for good reason. None of the movies made during that time were bad, not even average but true gold. Many of my favorite movies are from that era, so I thought I's list my top5. I will only include Disney Classics, not Pixar or live action movies.

5. 101 Dalmatians: I like all Disney Classics, though some of them I've never seen, but some have a special place in my heart mostly because I used to watch it when I was a kid. 101 Dalmatians is one of them, we played the old VHS so many times with my sister. Also, Cruella is awesome.

4. Robin Hood: I have a weak spot for heroes with a bow (coughlegolascough) and Robin Hood in his foxy form is right down my alley. I never cared too much for the noble and brave princes but little shady characters get my heart beating. This is a fun and adventurous movie and I love it, never mind that it's from not so successful Disney era.

3. Peter Pan: in addition to heroes with boys, I love pirates and one of my deepest wishes is to be able to fly. Peter flies and never grows up so this movie has everything I could ever wish for. Stories with eventful adventures and freedom as a theme always appeal to me.

2. The Little Mermaid 1 & 2: I know that the sequel isn't technically a Classic, but I watched it more than the first movie, so I'm going to count it in here. I'm not a big fan of larger than life love stories but the concept of mermaids is what I loved here as a kid and still do. The story is great in both movies but as a kid I identified more with Melody because she wanted to be free and explore the sea. Music and the songs in these movies are some of the best there are and they will always stay in my heart.

1. The Lion King 1 & 2: again I'm going to include the sequel, deal with it. When I was very small, like 3 years, I never got past the elephant graveyard scene in the first movie because the hyenas were so scary. In my opinion The Lion King will always be the Disney masterpiece, I don't think any movie can ever top this, it's perfect. The music, the songs, the story, the characters, it all just clicks and I have loved it my whole life. The death of Mufasa is a 100% tearjerker for me and I rarely cry watching movies.
Now about the sequel: though it may not be as perfect as the first one, it will forever be my favorite. I got it on my birthday and since then I watched it at least once a day for a few years. Kiara is the fictional character that embodies me 100%. I was a bit of a wild child, climbing trees and seeking adventures, not wanting anyone telling me what to do. I identify with Kiara more than any other character, real or fictional, and I love Kovu too. The story is beautiful and the songs are great, I used to know them all by heart as a kid. Thank you Disney for making my childhood so great.

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