Sunday, May 1, 2016

BookTube shoutout!

I discovered BookTube around New Year's, so my inspiration to write this blog got a little boost. I want to share my favourite BookTubers so other people can find them too. Many popular booktubers are a bit too dramatic and loud to my taste, so the ones I like are more peaceful. Also the type of books they read is a big criteria, people who read nothing similar with me won't get me to subscribe. But anyway, here are my favorite BookTubers:

PeruseProject: quite popular, reads a lot, mostly YA and fantasy which I like. Has good humor but too much, can talk about books adequately.

CassJayTuck: post quite rarely, but great humor and videos are not empty talk but great topics and she has a lot to say.

bookables: reads contemporary and fantasy, very peaceful way of making videos.

jessethereader: tries sometimes to be too funny and gets into his dramatic way of presenting too much, but reads a lot and makes good videos. Also, the only guy on my list, for some reason there are not a lot of male booktubers.

Between Chapters: does a lot of excellent reviews, which sadly is rare in the BookTube community I feel. She's calm and doesn't try to force jokes.

WhittyNovels: very honest way of making videos, doesn't try to embellish anything. Post unregularly, but often enough.

WhyMermaids: sometimes a tiny bit loud, but makes excellent videos of very interesting topics.

Little Word Weaver: my latest discovery, video topics range widely from X-Men to classics. Should talk more about books she has read because she is very good at that, she captures the essence of a books precisely.

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