Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Eurovision 2016 Favorites

This year I'm not going to guess which countries are going to get to the final but I will list my favorites (which probably don't even get to the final and definitely are not going to win). I have no understanding of music, so this is not an educated opinion. I like songs very randomly, but usually the melody has to have some hook but not too obvious and lyrics have to have some hook too but not too repetitive, which is a problem with many Eurovision songs. Anyway, my favorites this year, in no particular order, are:

Belgium: young and sweet singer and the song is catchy. Delightful dance moves too, I wouldn't mind Belgium doing well for a change.

Hungary: I liked this entry before I even heard the song, because the singer is a former basketball player and that is a big plus in my books. Singer's voice is lovely and I like the Star Wars-y light sticks the background singers wave.

Bulgaria: feels modern, I could see this played on the radio around Europe. The melody gets me dancing, so definitely one of my favorites.

Iceland: the singer of the Iceland's entry has been on Eurovision earlier and I liked her then and I like her now, though the song this year is a little bit more mainstream and the show has some similar elements to that of the winner of the last year.

Ireland: I'm too young to remember Westlife, but boybands are always in. This is the most summery of all the songs this year and listening to it makes me want to sit in the sun..light with my friends.

Cyprus: this reminds me of Linkin Park, which is not a bad thing. Heavier music is still quite rare in Eurovision, nobody has been able to do what Lordi did. Maybe Cyprus will? I would like to see more rock in Eurovision and I hope this song does well.

Lithuania: this is another a bit summery song and more than that it is about being young and free which usually works. The video is a bit weird but I hope the stage show will be awesome and Lithuania gets into the final.

France: I don't understand why nobody ever votes for France. They've had some very cool songs but they always place last in the final. I hope that won't happen this year, but I'm afraid it will. Anyway, this song, too, makes me happy and smile, so it belongs in my favorites.

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