Thursday, April 25, 2013

Survivor Caramoan

Okay, I've noticed that in addition to Finnish people also foreigners have checked out my blog, so I'm gonna make a post about Survivor Caramoan, because I watch Survivor as it runs in USA (nyt suomalaiset, jotka ei halua spoilaantua Suomessa vielä näyttämättömistä kausista, älkää lukeko!)

So last night's episode I think came down to one thing: the traditional Survivor auction. There's always some advantage to Immunity Challenge and this time also a clue to Hidden Immunity Idol. Malcolm was smart to use all his money to buy the clue, but then wasn't able to get the advantage. Also Reynold had used if I'm right all or at least most of his money before the advantage came up. So Jeff pulls this advantage on the table and in my mind I just think "Eddie, buy it, you have still all your money, now BUY IT!" But no, of all the people COCHRAN buys it and Eddie just sits there like the dumbest person ever. I mean, if you know your head's probably on the chopping block those advantages are exactly the kind of things you should spend your money on! Had Eddie bought the advantage, the result of the voting could have been very different, 'cause Eddie most likely would have won the Immunity with one hand (yeah, they only used one hand in the challenge but you know what I mean).

Shame that Malcolm didn't find the Hidden Immunity Idol (it was funny how he and Andrea sat on the well for really long time), but still it would have been Reynold who went home, so the game wouldn't have changed very much. If Eddie had had the Immunity Necklace, it would have been more interesting tribal (I truly hoped for more interesting tribal, but neither Sherri nor Erik did what I hoped), 'cause there would only have been Malcolm and Reynold to the others to vote for and they would have had to consider the possibility of an Idol. Though I think they were almost certain that Malcolm didn't have it and send him home and splitting the votes was just to be absolutely sure nothing crazy would happen.

Anyway, likable Malcolm went out and left Reynold and Eddie to fight to stay in the game. I was only rooting for the Three Amigos because of Malcolm (and a little because of Eddie, he can be quite sweet boy sometimes), but Reynold I couldn't care less. I have disliked him since the beginning and that hasn't changed. There are not many people left I truly root for. I liked the Corinne-Malcolm alliance and I'm so pissed that Corinne isn't on the jury, but now they're both gone. I'm more than glad that Phillip isn't around anymore, I couldn't stand all the Specialist-crap.

In my opinion two of the most powerful players in the game right now are Andrea and Cochran. When this season started I hoped that Brenda would have a big role as she had in her original season, but she's been quite minimal character so far. Dawn I think has too much heart in her game and Erik hasn't shown his brain too much either (although that might change and I hope it will). Sherri is no use and and Reynold and Eddie's only hope is to win Immunities or find an Idol. So, we're left with Andrea and Cochran.

Andrea would be the most powerful player in the game if she had a Hidden Immunity Idol and I think she has a good chance finding one 'cause she saw Malcolm looking for it and knows where to start. Andrea has also at least seemingly been the one who says who they're gonna vote for. Her only weakness may be that we haven't seen her having very close relationships with anyone, so they might just cut her loose before the final three. Cochran on the other hand has played very cool game, he has just stayed back and observed everything closely. Brenda and Dawn may be close, but Cochran and Dawn may also have a bond from their original season (by the way, I'm very happy that Cochran isn't such a weasel this time, I can actually take him seriously). If I got to decide, I would make Andrea and Cochran the final two, because so far they are the best players left.

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