Thursday, April 17, 2014

Survivor Cagayan

Season 28 of Survivor is well under way so I will share my thoughts so far. Having three tribes instead of two was a good starting point, because with the tribe swap there wasn't the usual majority vs minority when new tribes rarely are divided evenly. Now one tribe got all three remaining Brain tribe members, three Beauty people and Sarah from Brawn, when the other tribe got five former Brawns and two Beautys. Brains were about to perish but they got a new chance and Cliff who thought to be safe was the first one out.

Now it would seem that Tony runs the show on the island but since he blindsided LJ, who was Jefra's closest ally, Jefra might feel threatened and seek new friends in Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha. Even Kass might realize that she's not getting to the final three with Tony, Woo and Trish and turn to her old alliance. I'm certainly hoping that somebody flips.

Speaking of Tony, he's a great villain but nobody deserves to get blindsided more than him. Trish is clueless and as long as she doesn't win I don't care about her. Woo I like, but he's too much in Tony's shadow. He should blindside Tony and jump ship to the minority alliance. In my dreams at least. If Tony, Woo and Trish will be the final three, Woo might actually have a case if Tony pisses off enough people.

I don't see Jefra or Kass getting to the final unless something dramatic happens but they have a key role in which threesome gets to the end. Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha are the good guys but right now major underdogs, allthough Spencer has his Idol. Can't wait to see what powers the special Hidden Immunity Idol has, that could really mix things up.

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