Sunday, April 13, 2014

Once upon a time: high hopes and unbelievable epiphanies

Season three is coming to an end with six more episodes (according to Wikipedia, the trusted! source of all my information). The first half of the season wasn't as epic as I wished, but now with the Wicked Witch twist the show has successfully refreshed itself. Only downsize to that is that I have never happened to read a single book about Land of Oz, so I'm afraid that I might be missing some genius references. This summer I'm definitely doing some reading concerning Oz.

Since I'm not familiar with the Land of Oz I have no idea what to expect from the last episodes of the season. Are the characters going to leave Storybrooke again and find themselves in the Land of Oz? Are we getting more new characters from the Oz universe or are they being combined with old characters (the latter is what I've read from comments in Youtube, another great source of information and especially spoilers). I don't even know what to hope,  I just want it to be awesome, whatever they do.

I was watching seasons 1 & 2 and there were some lines that could very, very faintly point at present event at the show, but I don't think the writers knew that far ahead. Still fun to speculate. One thing though is more than speculation: Zelina's father. In season two it was revealed that Cora and Rumpel had a little affair when she was young. Internet is betting heavily on Rumpel and in my opinion it would make sense. In that case Neal would be Zelina's brother and she just caused him to die. Will she regret that when she finds out or is Neal's destiny final? My money is on R.I.P Neal.

I still have my wishlist of fairy tale characters I'd like to see on the show and surprisingly 5/9 characters I listed did actually appear in one way or another this season. Rapunzel was a big disappointment but otherwise I'm quite happy how the others turned out. There has been rumors of some fairy tale characters appearing on the show and the creators have even made jokes about captain Jack Sparrow sailing to Storybrooke. I love Jack but I think one particular pirate is enough for now (especially when he's hot like hell <3). I wouldn't mind little PotC references though, the amount of Easter Eggs is getting smaller and smaller all the time (or I just don't spot them). Bring some of that first season magic back!

Edit: since the show is eager to get rid of villains for good once they are defeated (Pan, Blackbeard, Cora...), I have a wish for the next storyline. We have Robin Hood and his merry men, Sheriff of Nottingham dropped by briefly, so why not go a little further with that tale and bring along Prince John and Richard Lionheart (John being the villain of course). Because Prince John's personality is not so devious but rather spoiled, he would make an interesting and different type of villain than the ones we've seen so far.

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