Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Once Upon a Time - we demand answers

I don't know if Adam and Eddy plan to leave so many questions unanswered or do they just forget about some things they touch once and never speak about again. I made a quick list of things I'd like to know more about. There are probably a hundred more but for a start:

Season 4 so far has raised so many questions on its own. I'm sure the biggest questions like who the author is, why Will Scarlett isn't in Wonderland and why Maleficent is alive though Emma threw a sword to her stomach are gonna get answers on the second half of the season. Exciting question but one that I would like to get an answer to is how Kristoff and David know each other. They never explained it while the Frozen characters were present and now that they are gone I don't think we are gonna see them again. A little spark of hope is that they will shed more light on David's fathers story, which I'm not so interested in but then they could bring back Kristoff as a little boy.

Another thing from season 4A is Lily. Emma needs a friend and for a while Elsa was her friend and I loved that friendship but now Elsa is back in Arendelle and very unlikely to ever return to Storybrooke (or the Enchanted Forest for that matter if they ever get back there). Lily was Emma's friend and so far they haven't introduced any characters who didn't have some connection to Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest. Although I don't want Lily to be another fairytale character, but I would like Emma to run into her again after all these years. Perhaps Rumple could meet Lily in New York.

That was it about season 4, now let's move on to older mysteries. There has been a lot of talk about the notorious Black Fairy. Who is she? Maleficent? Blue Fairy in disguise? I have no idea, but I hope we'll get an answer to this before the show's over, otherwise it's gonna be goddamn boring and infuriating.

From Black Fairy we get to the Wrath that took Philip at the beginning of season 2. I thought it was the last we would see him, but there he was at the beginning of season 3 saving Neal. How is Philip alive and how the hell did Philip, Aurora and Mulan cure Neal's gunshot wound? I'm seriously hoping the writers tell us that since Maleficent is back and Philip and Aurora are an essential part of Mal's backstory.

In season 3 we saw Regina splitting Snow's heart into two and giving the other half to Charming. I will be very angry if that won't cost them something at some point. I actually thought the spell of Shattered Sight wouldn't impact their feelings towards each other but as we now know, I was wrong.

Something I think we are never going to find out is what happened to Walsh after Zelena was defeated. Was he killed as a flying monkey? If not, where is he now? Did he go back to Kansas? Did he stay in Storybrooke, in hopes to be able to return to Oz? I don't believe we will get to know that in this life. What we might get to know is how Hook traded the Jolly Roger away in order to get to our world and to Emma. We saw Blackbeard again captaining the Jolly Roger, so fingers crossed. 

This last one isn't an unanswered question but a very, very deep wish. And a very big wish also. I would die of happiness if Adam and Eddy decided to do a Neverland spin-off. They gave us so little during season 3 and I want more! I want to see Baelfire as a lost boy and Hook and Tink there and more of Robbie Kay as Pan. Please make this happen!