Monday, June 27, 2016

Top5 Hottest UEFA EURO 2016 Players

European Football Championship has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I've had time to see every player's face more than once so I thought I'd share my top5 hottest players. Usually this list has been dominated by my teenage crush Fernando Torres but for some reason he did not make to the Spanish squad this year so I needed to find someone else for the #1 slot.

5. Manuel Neuer - Germany
There are a lot of OK looking guys and I actually had a bit of trouble finding someone to fill the fifth place. I chose Neuer because he is the boy next door kind of guy, not devilishly handsome but pleasant-looking and fairly cute. And he's tall! *swoons*

4. Antoine Griezmann - France
Griezmann is not the hot hunk type either but he's cute, especially when he smiles. A bit short but what can you do, he still warms my heart. Additional plus, he plays for Athletico Madrid, where a certain Fernando Torres also earns his living these days.

3. Gareth Bale - Wales
I was not aware of Bale's existence before the Championship because I don't follow football that much outside international competitions. But he is actually hot with his man bun and scruffy beard and he scores in every game so what's not to love.

2. Sergio Ramos - Spain
I used think of Ramos as a not as handsome Torres knockout when he still had long hair. Now that he has gotten rid of that he is one huge piece of man candy. His beard doesn't hurt, either.

1. Gerard Piquet - Spain
Top 2 seems to be Spanish even without Torres and I seem to have a weakness for Spanish footballers. I had to think for a moment at what order I will put Piquet and Ramos but ended with Piquet as #1 because he is taller and cute and hot at the same time, no wonder Shakira snatched him.

No Cristiano Ronaldo on my list? Yeah, I despise him, his personality seems to be rubbish and his attitude garbage and ego bigger than any football stadion in the world. I have always thought he is slimy and too pretty and thinks too much of his looks, I prefer a little more manly men in that sense as you can see from my list.

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