Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's almost time to Suit Up!

Aka Suits will continue on January 28th! The goddamn series is so goddamn good that I goddamn cannot wait! I've been binge-watching the past seasons from the beginning and the awesomeness has hit me again. I can't decide who's the biggest badass on the series: Harvey "I-don't-play-the-odds-I-play-the-man" Specter, Jessica "You-woke-the-dragon" Pearson or Donna "Genius-of-Donna-is-everyday" Paulsen. Or do they all get "Litt up"?

There are three things I'm eager to see at some point:

1. Harvey has a brother named Marcus. I have got the feeling, mostly from what Harvey's been saying, that Marcus isn't necessarily as tough or cool as Harvey, but if he's even half of what his brother is, he would be interesting. I want them to bring Marcus to the show, I want to see Harvey interacting with his brother.

2. There's been a lot of talk about one quite significant person on the show, but not once have we seen this person even in the background. I'm talking about Louis's infamous secretary Norma. I'm picturing her to be a chubby fifty-year-old lady with a tight topknot and lacy shawl in awful colors like mustard yellow. Anti-Donna, so to say. If she doesn't match my mental image when we finally get to see her, I'm going to flip. But seriously, when are we going to see her??

3. Thirdly and most importantly I am dying to know the deal with the can opener! I'm all in for more flashback-episodes, especially if they would reveal us that. Well, the inventing moment for that ritual was already shown, so we are not gonna find out what they do with the can opener that way. Now please, make something big happen and show us what is it with the can opener!

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