Friday, December 6, 2013

Once upon a time (in Wonderland)

It's almost time for mid-season finale in both series, Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. While the original series hasn't been as fascinating as previous seasons, the spin-off was a positive surprise. Trailers didn't promise much for me, but Wonderland turned out to be unexpectedly fresh and delightful.

I liked the main characters way more than I thought I would, based on the trailers and sneak peaks. Alice is a genuine young girl, but not some damsel in distress. She's determined and takes action instead of waiting men to take care of her problems. Knave is funny and a suitable partner for Alice, a little dark and sceptical.

The Queen of Hearts is fine, although I'm not sure if I like her past with Knave. Jafar and the whole Agrabah-extension is an interesting addition to Wonderland-dimension (but I'm getting tired of all the Lost-alums and there's no end to that). I'm hoping for Aladdin to make an appearance, and as a great tiger-fan, Rajah! They could make a lot of interesting plot twist with Aladdin, I'd love to see him in Wonderland.

So far the most boring character has been Cyrus the Genie. I partially don't even want Alice to reunited with him, since I think it would make the series tedious and cut Knave's screen time and at least his scenes with Alice. I wouldn't mind pairing Alice and Knave, they would be cute together, but as long as Cyrus is aboard, I don't believe the writers would do it. Well, fingers crossed.

About the original Once Upon a Time...

Season three has been a bit dull compared to seasons one and two, but not completely. Peter Pan's actor is great, although I'm not quite happy with his backstory (Rumpel's father, really??). Now that Peter is Henry/ Henry is Peter (I'm not sure which way is correct :D), Henry's actor has to upgrade his acting a great bit. So far the naive child has come quite naturally but evil Pan requires a lot more acting.

Rumpel has been in shadows almost the whole season, but Regina is wittier than ever ("I don't do rum"). I've laughed at her comments more than everyone else's together. I was positively surprised when Wendy, John and Michael appeared again, I thought the writers were done with them when Baelfire left them with the Shadow. Snow and Charming... yh, makes me wanna throw up every time they're on screen together. I would not have cried if Charming had died. Tinkerbell, as well as Peter, was not how I hoped she would be (what can I say, Disney for life and there's no changing that), but she's not that bad after all. At least she's not related to any of the other characters as about everyone else is. Nevertheless, Hook is as hot as always!

Now that Henry is "saved", what he seemingly is not, the gang will return to Storybrooke. I've missed some old characters like Red and Grumpy, but I don't think they get to live peacefully for long. A new villain is on her way (portrayed by the actress who played Charlotte on Lost) and Pan still is amongst them. Should be interesting at least.

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