Saturday, July 13, 2013

Suits: expectations for season 3

Season 3 premiers in _three_days_ (!!!!), so i decided to share my hopes for the new season. Season 2 ended with all the Pearson & Darby merger fuss, Rachel getting rejected from Harvard, Scotty confessing her love for Harvey, Harvey confronting Mike and Mike telling Rachel he's a fraud and they having angry sex after that.

I wish season 3 picks up right where season 2 ended. I want to see how Mike and Rachel deal with the situation and what happens between Harvey and Scotty. I don't really care about the merger, it just brings along unnecessary tension. Now that Scotty was fired they could just wipe Darby's ass out back to England and be done with him for good and bring Scotty to work at Pearson.

I wish life at Pearson(-Darby?) will calm down so that there is more room to the witty humor they had in season one that was lacking in season two due to all the struggling with Hardman, Robert Zane and the merger. In the long-run I want more information about Donna and Harvey's past, how they got working together and what has happened between them. Also a flash of Harvey and Louis working as young associates would be interesting to see, too.

I'm kind of sorry they killed Mike's Grandmother already. Although they got good plot out of it they could've gotten a lot more out of her still being a part of the cast. One of my favorite moments from last season was her meeting Rachel and Harvey and Mike being all embarrassed.

What I don't want to see is Mike getting yet again in some meaningless relationship while he should hook up with Rachel (they're perhaps my favorite tv-couple at the moment). I also don't mind if we don't see Trevor or Jenny again, but I think Mike needs a buddy of his own age and stage. Some fellow associate might do, but of course then Mike should again wrestle with his conscience whether or not to tell about his non-existent Harvard Degree. So far we have seen a blink of Harvey's soft side, but in my opinion we deserve more, much more.

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